School leavers - Is Hire and Rental industry for you?

Posted: 27th Apr

Information for Students - Is Hire and Rental for you?

Leaving school and figuring out what you want to do to earn a living or build a career can be a daunting exercise. A careers guidance counsellor, your family and your friends can provide you with resources and support.

The Hire and Rental Industry is involved in purchasing, maintaining and renting a wide variety of equipment from small hand-sanders to elevated work platforms and cranes. There are many different types of jobs within the Hire and Rental Industry. To give you an idea:

administrative/clerical roles such as receptionist or accounts clerks
mechanically-oriented functions such as equipment repair and maintenance
customer service roles working directly with customers
management functions such as inventory control

What these roles all have in common is they function within a highly practical hands-on industry. In most instances, no qualifications or prior experience are essential to get a start.

The hire and rental industry offers many opportunities and appreciates good quality people who are willing to work hard for the significant rewards available.

Work experience

You may want to get a better idea of what the industry can offer through work experience

Work experience in hire is an ideal way to gauge personal interest in this hands-on, practical and social industry.

Because hire is a such a diverse industry, covering many areas of business, from general plant through to access equipment and also including the enormous events industry, work experience can introduce a whole new world of opportunity.

Applicants can review work experience options posted on this site or simply contact the branch manager of a hire business in their local area to make initial enquiries or to apply for a job.

Is hire and rental for you?

The hire and rental industry provides great employment opportunity for applicants with all levels of skills and education.

For school leavers with little or no skills, the hire industry can offer a great career opportunity, with on-the-job training and industry based nationally accredited training programs available and actively promoted by employers and the industry association.

The diverse nature of the industry often sees industry members gain a broad skill set suitable to the versatile nature of the role.

For those with initiative and application, the hire industry can often lead to fast tracked career paths to management roles. Often advancement within the industry is a natural progression of on-the-job training.

Qualities valued in hire and rental industry employees include: flexibility; ability to make decisions on the move; willingness to work hard when required; as well as initiative.

Hire is a hands-on industry and often employees will find themselves working side-by-side with the owner of the business. Usually hire businesses operate seven days a week and offer many opportunities for increasing weekly salaries through over-time.

The hire and rental industry provides a service that meets needs for all sectors of the community, from private to commercial, which often leads to strong community involvement and supporting the community when necessary.